A Missouri restaurant is making news for charging a COVID-19 surcharge, will restaurants in our community begin to do the same?

Food prices are skyrocketing in the U.S. Grocery store prices have risen by 2.6 in April, the highest since 1974. The food supply chain in the U.S. has been disrupted by COVID-19 as more people are cooking at home than eating out. Because of this, the food supply has gone down but the demand is so high. This makes prices rise. But people shopping for groceries at home aren't the only ones affected, restaurants have been affected by the price rise too. To compensate, some restaurants in the country have added a CODI-19 surcharge.

TODAY reports that Kiko Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Lounge in Missouri has recently implemented a COVID-19 surcharge. This is a 5% surcharge they implemented on May 6, 2020. They did this after seeing a noticeable price increase on meat, seafood, and vegetables from their supplier. Of course, people were upset about this and the restaurant has since removed the surcharge and raised prices instead.

I have not seen or heard of a single restaurant or business in the Hudson Valley adding a COVID-19 surcharge. I believe prices at certain restaurants I've ordered takeout from have gone up, but honestly don't know the difference in price enough to confirm. People seem to be upset about the surcharge mentioned above but were okay with price increases. But at that point, what is the difference? You're still paying more at the end of the day. Do you know of any places in the Hudson Valley adding this surcharge? Do you think restaurants in our area could start doing so? Comment below or on our Facebook to let us know your thoughts.

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