You really never know what you'll see while driving around the Hudson Valley.

There are certain times in a day or week that we all come across something that when we see it, we all have the same reaction.....HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???? That's exactly what I said after I came across this picture on Facebook of a car stuck in an interesting place and position.

First, let's look at St. Mary's Cemetery, off of Flatbush Ave in Kingston, New York before the unfortunate accident took place...

St. Mary's Cemetery Before

Google Maps
Google Maps

Now let's look at the AFTER picture...


The picture above was taken in Kingston, New York back on Sunday, May 22 in the early evening and at first look, I'm really not sure how does a car get in that position? I wasn't the only one to ask. There were a ton of comments asking the same thing in one way or another...

Omg how does that happen

How does that even happen???

Yeah, the word "HOW" is definitely in my head!


From what we've been told by a few people that were on the scene of the accident, everyone involved was OK after the crash but nobody could answer how the car wound up in the position it was in??? One thing that many pointed out was that the car did have out-of-state license plates on it, so thankfully it wasn't a driver from New York!

One person did look at the picture above and asked another interesting question..."That idiot isn't on top of my grandparent's headstone, are they?!?" Hopefully, that wasn't the case and if any of the headstones were damaged in the accident I would guess that the insurance company will take care of it.

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