We're used to seeing squirrels take their aggression out on pumpkins every year but this is a new one. A couple of trash pandas were caught on tape destroying someone's Halloween decorations.

Maybe this house ran out of candy and these trick r treaters weren't having it. Maybe they weren't big fans of Hocus Pocus 2.

I love Halloween. So much so that I'm bummed when it is over. Every year I buy a bunch of candy, binge-watch scary movies, buy a costume, and of course, decorate. Spooky Halloween decorations are getting more and more elaborate and they aren't cheap either. Imagine having your Halloween display attacked by a couple of angry trash pandas.

That's exactly what happened outside of a house here in New York.

Raccoon vs. Halloween Decoration

Some raccoons were apparently fed up with a home's Halloween decorations.

A viral video showed two raccoons destroying a life-sized witch sitting on a rocking chair. The clip is reportedly from Patchogue, New York which is on Long Island.

   The tweet has gathered some hilarious comments.

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