Who would have thought that deep in Dutchess County there's a little cemetery hidden in plain sight.

How do you feel about graveyards? Cemeteries seem to make a lot of people uneasy. You don't hear about many terrible things happening at a graveyard. They might look spooky at night time but they don't seem to get a lot of action. After all, they are supposed to be a place meant for eternal rest.

Despite horror movies from the 1970s they are not the scenes for the occult, macabre or rituals. So why are people creeped out by them?

A phobia of cemeteries is called coimetrophobia.

There's actually a scientific reason for it. According to How Stuff Works, the thought of supernatural fear does play a role in the fright but seeing graveyards also spark the memory of loss of a loved one not just the death.

I'm not afraid of graveyards as much as I am fascinated with them. After my grandfather retired he volunteered as the groundskeeper at the local cemetery in the town where I grew up. If you walk up and down the rows of headstones you'll find that each one tells a different story. Some more tragic then others of course.


My fascination was peaked on my way to Clinton Corners from Poughquag this past weekend. It's called Potter's Corners Burying Ground. According to Age and Abandon it's located right at the intersection of East Noxon and Route 55. It was the burial site for members of the Trinity Methodist Church until the mid 1800s. They also report that the oldest head stone is from 1785.


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