You know dad bod is on the rise when your local gym emails you telling you so. Is it popular among ladies here in the Hudson Valley?

I was going through my email earlier this week when I cam across an email from my gym that started out by saying "Dad bod is back, just in time for Father's Day."

If you aren't exactly sure what a "dad bod" is, Urban Dicitonary defines it as the following:

"is a male body type that is best described as "softly round." It's built upon the theory that once a man has found a mate and fathered a child, he doesn't need to worry about maintaining a sculpted physique."

Women apparently find this level of confidence extremely attractive. Results to a new study posted in PR Newswire shows that men with dad-bods are much happier and a lot of women actually prefer the body top over fit guys.

Is this true? If so, let those bellies hang out, fellas.

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