So the other day I discovered that my refrigerator was standing on it's last leg.  Some mysterious dripping from the back, coils were overheating, the typical signs of a really expensive repair call, or an equally expensive trip to pick out a new appliance.  Given the fact that the fridge was here when I bought the house, and was quite a few years old then, I opted for option B, a brand spankin' new one.

Did some research, price matched, picked out a few finalists and went in store to make the decision.  Done and paid for within 15 minutes on Sunday and delivery scheduled for Tuesday.

Given I work all day, my dad agreed to meet the delivery truck and sign for the fridge.

Attempt 1, Tuesday - wake up and take everything out of the freezer and put it in the chest freezer in the garage, go to work, I get the call the delivery people are running early (can I get an amen), call my dad who rushes over, unloads the entire fridge into coolers, meets the truck outside only to discover the fridge is pretty dented and damaged.  He refuses delivery and puts everything back into the fridge.

Rescheduled for Thursday, attempt 2 - get the call the truck is 30 minutes out, call dad (on his birthday, too), he comes and unloads the fridge again, meets the SAME drivers from Tuesday, they UNBOX and UNWRAP the new appliance in my driveway, and guess what...DAMAGED AGAIN! Refuses delivery for the second time.

Am I being punked?  Is this real life?

So now i'm waiting for a call back from the store to discuss options, perhaps attempt number 3, and i'm wondering, what would you do?  Rip them a new one? Cancel the order? Ask for money off?  Go to another store and start over?

Do people really accept these banged up appliances?  I can't fathom spending that much money on a brand new appliance and sign for anything other than shining sparking perfection.

Just another TT situation to add to the list.