Have you ever seen anything rigged like this before especially something as important as a power line? Is this normal? I guess it is better than duct tape.

We often hear about what we should do if we see a power line that is down. It could be  dangerous and potentially fatal situation.

Damaged power line pole in Wappingers Falls, New York

I have never seen a damaged power line before but today I did see a damaged power line pole in Wappingers Falls today. I drove right past it and immediately had to do a double take because I had never seen anything like this before. The pole was snapped and broken at the bottom. It looked as if it were still being held up by the wires. Someone must have discovered it and tried to fix it temporarily. The pole was was tied to an adjacent pole by some heavy cables.


There weren't any signs or cones nearby so it might not be an immediate threat and as unsafe as it appears.

I hope it will be fixed soon.

This is not the first damaged power line pole seen in the Hudson Valley. Others have reported seeing them as well. What should you do if you come across one of these?

If you encounter a damaged power line pole you should treat it like a downed wire. It is important to prioritize your safety as well as the safety of others around you.

Stay away from it, call for help and report the issue and be sure to warn others around you.

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