Like most people I was a cookout this past weekend for memorial day. It doesn't matter how close you are to the guests. A good rule is that you should avoid certain conversations when at a party. Those conversations used to be money, politics and religion. I think I might have found a new category to add to that list. Schools and education. People have all different kinds of opinions about how their children and other children should be taught and they are not shy about it.

During our conversation someone made a claim that a school here in New York was apparently going to start keeping litter boxes in their bathrooms for students who identified as 'furries' like a dog or a cat.

Clumping cat litter being scooped up

It is a very different time than when I was a kid and people are free to express themselves with different identities but even I thought this was a bit too far. To be clear I'm not shaming or criticizing anyone who believes they are a dog or cat and I know they exist. However, I can't see a school bringing this box in for 1 or even 2 students. Who's going to scoop it? The student? The janitor? Do they need to build a private stall? I had a ton of questions and I immediately doubted the story before I built up my own fake outrage.

AP News myth busted the story already. The claim had gone viral and made its way to several states including New York's Dansville Central School in an Instagram post that went viral. To my knowledge there is not a litter box presently in any New York school bathrooms.

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