We've all had our share of bad dates but this one just seems like the crappiest one ever.

Trust me, I'm no expert on dating but I think this disaster of a first date would definitely wave some red flags.

Just when you thought that you've seen it all there is currently a Go Fund Me page for a man who needs a new window after a date that went terribly wrong. Why does he need a new window? Apparently, after a delightful evening a young couple decided to head back to his place to Netflix and chill.


Pooping is awkward on the first date but we're all adults right? Everybody poops. She went to take care of some business but then the date took a turn for the worse.

After taking a deuce that was too big to flush she tried to pick up the turd and throw it out the window. Unfortunately, in the process she got stuck in the window. To make a long story short the fire department was called and the window was busted during her rescue.

I'm assuming the poo made it out of the window. As a side note there is rumors of a second date so at least love is in the air among something else.