Do Hudson Valley dog owners live longer than people who don't have dogs? Maybe. There is new research out this week from the American Heart Association (AHA) that suggest that the increased activity that dog owners have, cardiovascular activity, like throwing a ball or taking your pup for a walk, helps owners to live longer.

Now does owning a dog or any pet suggest that by simply doing that you will live longer? While the AHA research says that out of the 10 studies that they did with over 3 million people surveyed over the course of almost 70 years of findings, that it wouldn't hurt you to own a dog as long as you are able to physically and financially care for it. If you love dogs, get one, as their research suggests it couldn't hurt to give you some extra love and potentially additional health benefits.

What do you think? As a dog owner to you think that having a dog has been beneficial to your health?

Looking to adopt a dog? Click here for places that you can adopt not shop for a cat or dog here in the Hudson Valley.

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