Coca Cola announced this week that it would be making changes this week to its iconic line of Diet Coke brand products. The changes that you will start to notice on store shelves soon include a new 12-ounce can and four new flavors.

The flavors include Zesty Blood Orange, Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango and Feisty Cherry. The flavors and the new packaging are designed to get more interest from millennials.

What I started thinking about was how great each one sounded as a base for a vodka cocktail. Here are some thoughts that I had. Just go with me for a minute:

  • Ginger Lime with Vodka? It is a poor man's (or a calorie savers) Moscow Mule.
  • Zesty Blood Orange, on the rocks in a pint glass with a splash of regular or blood orange vodka, with a twist of orange? You are going to think that you are on a cruise where someone is waiting on you hand and foot.
  • Feisty Cherry. Same as above. Fill a glass with ice and then a shot of regular or cherry vodka, or maybe even a berry flavored vodka, no wait, the whipped cream vodka, with this soda is going to make it taste like an ice cream float.
  • Twisted Mango. Fill a glass with ice, then add a shot of mango or pineapple vodka and then fill the rest of the glass with the Twisted Mango Diet Coke. Maybe even add one of those little drink umbrellas?

When these flavors actually start hitting the shelves of the Hudson Valley we will have to try these combinations. Who's in to join in on the taste testing?