Have consumers decided to take all of their business online? Or are there still a few that want to shop before they buy and see the item in person inside an actual store? There is one type of store that people just might be avoiding because of the anonymity that is provided by online shopping, it's the adult video and toy store.

In the case of the adult toy store, does online shopping provide you with 'everything your heart desires?' Or would you rather go into a brick and mortar store to see the item before you buy? From clothing items to specialty movies, is the selection better online, or only if you know what you are shopping for in the first place?

Believe it or not, you can still find several actual brick and mortar adult stores here in the Hudson Valley, (these are just a few of them)

  • Giggles, multiple locations, Wappingers, Hyde Park,
  • Adult Video & Gift, 17K Newburgh
  • Ulster Video & Gifts, Ulster Ave, Kingston
  • East Main News & Adult Video, Middletown
  • Exotic Video & Gifts, Middletown

There could be more locations throughout the Hudson Valley. The above information was compiled through Yelp and WhitePages.com. What do you prefer? Online shopping or heading into a real store to shop? Was there an adult store that has been closed that you wish could re-open its doors? Or do you think that people here in the Hudson Valley are to stuffy and not open-minded enough to have a 'new version' of one of these stores in their neighborhood?

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