If you get home from work and immediately hop on the X Box or PlayStation, then you'll love this. Turns out they aren't a big waste of time after all.

Maybe all of the time I spent playing Mortal Kombat and Sonic The Hedgehog as a kid wasn't a huge waste of time. Take that mom and dad! Take that Mrs. Spies, my 5th Grade History teacher.

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There's a new study from the Telegraph that claims playing video games can increase your productivity in the work place. They help in a variety of ways from critical thinking, making quick decisions and hand eye coordination. This in turn made more productive employees than ones who wasted their time doing something lame like reading.

Coincidentally, my parents bought my older brother a SEGA Master System at a doctor's request to help with his like of coordination and development. He ended So, maybe there's something to this?

From Understood, here's a list of games that involve critical thinking and reasoning skills:

  • Sim City
  • Minecraft
  • Portal
  • The Legend of Zelda