So the holidays are here. Who are you really shopping for? Ok, we know that it is YOU that you are shopping for. How can you resist? There are all these sales, discounts and free shipping offers that make it all so hard to resist.

But what about those furry family members? Do you buy them gifts as well? Every year my sister and I do not exchange holiday gifts. If I find something that I want to get her during the year, I get it and give it to her. Why force myself to only wait until her birthday or Christmas?

I will admit that I do buy things for her cats. She now has 4 cats. According to her, 4 is just one shy of being considered a crazy cat lady. (Her words not mine). If you are looking for some ideas to get your pet or someone elses, there are a number of "boxes" or 'crates' that might be the thing for you.

Here are a few, most are 3 to 5 items and include a combination of treats and toys.

  • RescueBox, for cats or dogs, these guys also help provide vaccinations & food for shelters, can get one or more months
  • Pawtyfun, for cats & dogs, can get one or more months
  •, for cats or dogs, this is a one time shipment
  • Barkbox, At this time it is only for dogs, but they are working on one for cats.

Those are just a few, there are many, many more. What will you be gifting to your pet this month?

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