We all know that it takes place in the fictional town of Springfield but it never actually says where it is. Even a fictitious town has to be based somewhere. It very well could be the Hudson Valley. I've got some proof to back up this theory. At least hear me out.

It seems weird to think about but for fans of The Simpson's, the location of where it takes place has always been a mystery until now.

If you close pay attention to several Simpson's episodes you can find several New York references that lead to the assumption that the show takes place right here in the Hudson Valley. Here are a few examples:

In this episode, Skinner talks to Super Intendent Chalmers about Upstate New York,. Chalmers mentions that he himself is from Utica. Why would they reference Utica of all places?

They can take a short bus trip to New York City. In this episode, Homer talks about his anger towards the city. The Simpson family then takes a bus ride to try to give NYC another chance. In a weird error on the show, they actually drove their own car home.

What do you think? Could Springfield be here in the Hudson Valley?