You can catch a glimpse of the first Super Moon of 2020 this weekend.

ABC7 NY is reporting that the "Snow Moon" super moon will be visible in the night sky this weekend from February 8th through February 9th.

Super Moons have been given nicknames throughout the years that coincide with the time of year that it shows up. Naturally, the Super Moon in February was named the  Snow Moon since "snowfall is usually at its heaviest in the Northern Hemisphere during February."

According to Accuweather, a Super Moon happens when "the moon is at its closest approach to Earth" they also say that the "moon's orbit is not a perfect circle, so there are times when the moon is closer or farther from Earth."

Because of this, the moon will look "14% larger and 30% brighter than the average full moon."

Another fun fact about this Snow Moon is that it's the first of 4 consecutive Super Moons from now until May.

Happy Moon gazing, Hudson Valley. Let's hope for clear skies.

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