Dutchess County residents have been waiting to see if migrants will be bussed to local cities and towns. Dutchess County officials made recent advancements in the ongoing crisis.

By now asylum seekers from New York City have made it to hotels and motels in several Upstate New York Counties including Sullivan, Orange, and Westchester County. Many of these counties declared a state of emergency as a result. Late last week the news broke that hotels along Rte 9 in Dutchess County were being solicited to house asylum seekers from New York City. Will Truitt, Majority Leader of the Dutchess County Legislature and representative of Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie condemned the relocation to Dutchess.

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Dutchess County Gains New Restriction in Migrant Crisis

According to their Facebook page, Dutchess County gained a temporary restraining order barring New York City from bussing migrants to Dutchess County shelters.

Below is another statement from Will Truitt, Majority Leader of the Dutchess County Legislature and representative of Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie regarding the ongoing situation.


"First and foremost, I want to make it clear that I am adamantly opposed to our local hotels housing migrants, and that Dutchess County does not have the resources to do this. We have already delayed one attempted plan by NYC to bus migrants here and are being vigilant to both delay and cancel any future plans.


We are not sitting on our hands. Earlier today, the County Executive issued an Executive Order restricting any hotels or motels who offer short-term rentals from becoming homeless shelters for migrants. The County has communicated to each hotel and motel this order and that they would not have our backing to enter into a contract with NYC, the State or Federal Government to house migrants and they are at risk of heavy fines levied against them each and every day.


The State recently designated 1 BILLION dollars to New York City to help them deal with the ongoing migrant crisis, and instead of finding solutions themselves, they are passing the responsibility to upstate Counties WITHOUT sharing any of the funding or resources that were awarded. Can you think of any scenario outside of the government that this would be tolerated?


New York City made the decision to be a ‘Sanctuary City,’ NOT Dutchess County, and we have had zero say in whether or not we are able to properly care for and house these individuals. Public safety must remain our number 1 priority, and by rushing these individuals into a random location with no real plan in place, we are doing a disservice to our neighbors and Dutchess County taxpayers."

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