It's been a long road for Dutch's Spirits but very soon the doors to the distillery will be open to the public.

This past weekend the word was sent out via social media that Dutch's Spirits would hold a soft opening on July 4th, finally revealing what has taken years to create. I swung by on a whim (after the family bbq of course) to see what the buzz was all about.



When I arrived the event was wrapping up but in chatting with the owner Ariel Schlein I found out the day had been a great success with over 350 cars stopping by the 400 acre farm in Pine Plains. Schlein said he purposely leaked the word out only a few days before the event to try and keep the day to scale the distillery could handle. Even with that they were still very busy but it was a good busy.



The distillery itself has been producing craft spirits in the Hudson Valley for a while now but hasn't been open to the public. The plan which is now almost complete is to house the distillery, a tasting room, bar, farm kitchen and gift shop in the nearly 12,000 square foot Dutch-style barn. From what I saw everything looked amazing and with a view like this I can see myself sipping a many crafts spirits while I watch the sunset.


Fingers crossed everything will be fully operational soon. Schlein said it's definitely in the works. He's opening to be open on weekends very soon, hosting events, having food trucks on-site while the rest of the facilities scheduled to be completed sometime this fall.

No worries Hudson Valley, I will be sure to keep an eye out for the official opening and let you know when you too can enjoy this amazing venue. Until then you can click here to see a list of locations where you can sample and purchase Dutch's Spirits near you.