They have done it again. The Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center (FFFWC) have successfully returned another member of the Hudson Valley wildlife community back to its natural habitat. Their motto Let Wild be Wild.

Earlier this week the FFFWC released an eagle that had been in their care back to the skies it came from before its injury. Violet as the eagle became known was discovered unconscious several months ago and was brought to the FFFWC in hopes that she could be rehabbed.

Eagle Rescued and Rehabbed by New York Wildlife Center in Hunter, New York

Violet was found lying in a ditch on the side of the road by Kris Hofeller on a very cold day this past January. Laying there lifeless she was lucky to be spotted. Kris' keen eye spotted Violet while Kris was doing highway duties after a storm. It didn't look good for this big bird at first.

Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center via Facebook
Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center via Facebook

When the FFFWC first started caring for Violet according to the story they shared with her release video they didn't even think she would make it through her first night, but she did and now she is back in the skies soaring again. While in the care of the FFFWC Voilet was also tested and treated for lead toxicity something that is becoming more common in New York State in birds of prey. Fortunately if caught early it can be treated and the FFFWC knows how to do that well.

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We were not the only ones elated about "Violet" the 3-year-old Bald Eagle leaving us and returning to the sky last weekend. (via FFFWC Facebook)

Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center Release Rehabbed Eagle: Violet

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As always the FFFWC was grateful for all the assistance they received in rescuing Voilet. They are also always appreciative of any support the community can give to help them with their Center. There are lots of ways you can help the FFFWC keep up their great work with our Hudson Valley wild animals population see how you can contribute by clicking through to the FFFWC's How You Can Help page.

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