Shocking rumors were circulating all weekend long but it looks like the store is set to close.

Where do you shop for your groceries every week? Do you go to the same place habitually? If so, why? Is it because you love their service? Do you find their prices to be competitive? Maybe they have a location close to you or close to your commute and it is just convenient. Think about how your schedule and habits would change should that store close.

ShopRites Closing in New York

ShopRite stores or closing and people are being forced to say goodbye to their favorite grocery store chains across New York. They just announced that several ShopRite locations in the Capital Region of New York were closing. We lost the ShopRite in Newburgh some time ago and rumors were flying on Facebook this past weekend that we were losing another ShopRite location in the Hudson Valley.

A post shared that the Ellenville ShopRite was closing. Despite looking official people were quick to believe the announcement was a hoax.

Ellenville, New York ShopRite Closing

Unfortunately, the email is reportedly true according to an employee.

The ShopRite set to close is located at 1 Shoprite Blvd, Ellenville, New York. According to a staff member the store is set to close by October of 2024 but may close before the summer of next year. This came as a surprise to many residents who were stunned by the news. The store rated highly on Google with a 4.1 star review from over 700 customer reviews.

Nick Kessler
Nick Kessler

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