We've all heard of a hall pass, right? This is where you and your significant other come up with a list of people that you would be intimate with if you were given the green light. It's something that couples talk about and plan together in jest and your hall pass should be someone almost unobtainable like a massive celebrity who you would never meet.

It's not supposed to be someone you know personally like a coworker or even an ex boyfriend. I thought everyone knew the rules but apparently this woman at a Yankee game had no idea.

Jake Kosack hosts a show about Yankees fandom called The Bronx Zoo where he interviews random Yankee fans outside of the stadium. Why is it called a zoo? You never know who you'll run into or what these people will say.

"The hall pass question is one I asked before, but this was certainly the most unexpected answer I have ever heard to this question. All I was thinking about was how I couldn’t believe how she said this out loud, and then her “Great Lover” follow up just completely shocked me. All I can say to the answer is if that was a girl I was dating and that was the answer she said in front of me, the relationship would be over on the spot!" - Jake Kosack, Creator at The Bronx Zoo 

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