I told you about my experience anticipating LASIK. Well it happened, and I've never been happier. And bonus embarrassing photos of me in surgery garb inside!

So I did it. I went through with the procedure. I know I said before I wasn't nervous, and I have to be honest: I really wasn't. I'm not trying to say that as some tough guy--no one is as good at being anxious as ya boi Deuce--but the care of everyone at Seeta Eye Center was so good that I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and knew exactly what to expect.

Here's how it went down:

Stacey and the staff at Seeta got me all prepped for the procedure. All the drops, all the relaxing, and of course, all the fancy garb:


Then, Dr. Modi came in to make his markings for the surgery itself so he could see whether or not my eyes are anesthetized enough for the surgery. Here's what my eyeball looked like right after that:


BOOM! Marker on the eye.

So after that, it was time to get into the actual operating room. I found the process to be so simple that I was blown away. Once the eyelids are open, you basically just look at a green light among a bunch of red laser splotches. Honestly, it was a lot like playing that Nintendo video game system Virtual Boy back in the day:

It was actually arguably more fun than Virtual Boy games were.

What'd the actual process look like, you ask? Well, ask and you shall receive:


That's right! Yours truly gettin' his LASIK on.

Then they sent me home with some Neo from the Matrix sunglasses, and I'm already ready to be back to normal (after carefully healing and taking care of myself all last night):



It's been less than 24 hours and my vision is already amazing. This is something I should have done a LONG time ago. If you're looking into it, definitely get in touch with Seeta and Dr. Modi, because they'll take good care of you. 877-MODI-EYE or SeetaEye.com. Tell them Deuce sent you, and that I said thanks!