Seems some people think they've found the simple cure for COVID-19 and feel the need to share to everyone across the internet. Every ridiculous and potentially dangerous solution, from drinking bleach, snorting cocaine, to special hand creams, to rare and poisonous fruits have been pushed across social media as the magical cure for Coronavirus. Or, how about horse dewormer? Guess everyone's an expert these days?

There were even some who claimed that there were anti-Coronavirus mattresses one could sleep on that could kill the virus all together in four hours. Well, there goes that idea.

Experts are once again shooting down another silly claim that's been floating around since the early days for COVID and it has to do with onions. No, inhaling onions won't cure COVID. Factcheck says that one such post claiming such a thing was posted in July, saying that eating and/or inhaling onion fumes can kill the virus. A Facebook post about this false cure has since been shared tens of thousands of times over the past few months.

One of the recent posts was written in Burmese, and when translated in part to English reads, "Disinfecting the respiratory tract and cleansing the lungs". and shows pics of several people holding cut onions to their noses and inhaling the fumes. There is another pic in the post of a sliced onion in a dish. Granted, the smell of a bunch of chopped up raw onions may make either cry or want bolt from a room all together, they're not killing COVID. Sorry.

But while the claims won't cure COVID, the good news is you won't make yourself look like a dumbass holding a god damn onion to your nose, and sniffing it like a starved animal. Yes, we live in age where the spread of erroneous news and stories is easier than ever. That being said, who here hates onions anyway?

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