Just because we work with them doesn't mean we have to like them but we do have to tolerate them. Experts have compiled a list of toxic characteristics that you should stay away from.

Even if you absolutely love your job work can be a drag sometimes. It can be even worse if you've got annoying coworkers that help make the place even more miserable. According to an article on Huffington Post, there are a few types of workers to avoid if you don't want to be dragged down with nativity.

1. The Know it All - He or she knows everything. It doesn't matter what it is but they've done it before or know someone who has.

2. The Soul Sucker - This person has so many issues that they can't handle them all themselves. They need your help. These people drain you emotionally and mentally.

3. The Snitch - You can't trust this person. Be careful what you say or do because your actions may make it to the managers office.

4. Time Vampires - These workers don't do much. They just talk about working and everything else under the sun. 10 minutes can easily turn into 30 with these people who can't shut the hell up.

5. The Martyr - They collect favors and that's dangerous. These people are the most miserable. They willingly give up their free time in order to do unnecessary assignments or they will do someone else's work under the guise of being a good deed only yo hold it over their head later.

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