After reviewing video, experts believe a shark was gliding in the Hudson River.

On Friday, the Hudson Police Department shared video captured by a local fisherman. According to police, James Gabriel captured what appears to be a shark  north between Hudson and Athens.

"Local fisherman James Gabriel captured a video of what appears to be a shark swimming north between Hudson and Athens. The video was shot facing west near the lighthouse, the Hudson Police Department wrote on Facebook while sharing the video. "What do you think?"

Hudson Valley Post reached out to the DEC to see if the organization could confirm or deny the shark sighting.

While more information is needed to confirm the shark sighting, based off the way the fin is gliding in the Hudson River it appears be a smooth dogfish shark, according to the DEC.

"Although it cannot be determined conclusively from the video, the dorsal fin gliding at the surface in a straight line would indicate that it is a shark. There isn’t much in that video that reveals its diagnostic features, but it looks very small and without additional information, most likely a smooth dogfish. DEC has received reports of smooth dogfish swimming in the Hudson, although not so far up river," a DEC spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post in an email.

Dogfish sharks have been found on occasion in freshwater, although the shark can't survive for long periods of time in freshwater, the Florida Museum reports.

“Most likely, this shark was following forage fish up the river and will head back down river," a DEC spokesperson added.

The DEC also told the Hudson Police Department it appears to be a smooth dogfish, while fisherman who recorded the video believes it was bull shark.

"DEC experts say that it may be a smooth dogfish (aka dog shark). Fisherman says bull shark. Won’t really know until we get better video. Fisherman is out there every day," the Hudson Police Department told Hudson Valley Post.

Bull sharks can survive in fresh water for long periods of time, according to the National Wildlife Federation.

The bull shark got its name because of its shape as well as it's aggressive and unpredictable behavior, according to We Love Sharks. It's known to frequent rivers, shallow waters and other bodies of fresh water. Because of its aggressive behavior, many say a bull shark is the most dangerous shark.

The video is below. What do you think?

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