Did you ever sit as a kid with a stack of books and just look through them. Maybe you weren't 100% sure of the words, but that didn't matter. That book was the key to a journey of your mind.

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For me books were my universe, a trip to the library was almost as awesome as a trip to Chuck E Cheese. Well, almost.

One children's book that was able to jump from the pages and make the artistic journey to the television screen was the Arthur series of books. Not a book I read as a child, but one that I spent a great amount of time reading with my son. I can't recall if the books were first or the television show was first, but I do remember watching and re-watching many, many episodes of the Arthur show.

It probably was only a year or two ago that I even realized that Arthur was an aardvark, but that is beside the point. The person who created the Arthur series, Marc Brown, will be holding a talk at the Boardman Road Branch of the Poughkeepsie Library.

The visit will take place on Sunday, October 24 at 3:30 PM, to not only demonstrate his drawing technique, answer questions about the much loved TV show, and even if time allows, sign books for people.

Children and parents are encouraged to attend together. The library asks that you register for this event in advance if you are going to attend.

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