It's a strange way to get people in your bar, but this team is certainly giving its fans plenty of reason to want a drink.

The University of Central Florida Knights are having a rough season. So far they've played in four games and have four big losses to show for it. In fact, they've either lost by one point or given up exactly 31 points to opponents in each of their four games.

So they're losing in every way: they'll break your heart with a close one, then get blown out. And then they will do it all over again.

That sort of repeated suffering could lead one to the bar. But hopefully for one's wallet's sake, that bar is The Basement Orlando, who are offering free beer during this losing streak, according to TMZ.

It's a weird way to get people to root for the team and not against them, but hey. Whatever gets people buying wings and such.

And who knows, maybe they come in for the beer and the team drives them right to the liquor and the bar can make a little cash.