We all have dreams. Some people grow up wanting to be astronauts and explore the great unknown of this universe. Others dream that one day they will experience the glory of hitting the walk-off, game-winning, series-clinching home run under the bright lights of the World Series to the sound of 50,000 adoring fans cheering them on.

Well, I am reduced to a puddle of a human, anxiously rocking myself back and forth at the mere thought of the vastness of this universe, plus I sucked at science in school, so the astronaut thing is out. And I got popped in the head during a little league game as a kid (answers a lot, doesn't it?) and my enthusiasm for playing baseball was knocked clean out of me.

Personally, I've always dreamed of finding a way to get paid to drink cheap beer while watching mid-1990s Japanese wrestling matches on YouTube at 3:00 in the morning, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like that's a profitable venture.

This kid, though, this kid has some ambition. He's got bigger dreams than I. Here's a story about a teenager who decided he was going to be a doctor and wasn't going to let pesky things like a lack of education and training get in the way of him achieving this goal.