If you're not looking forward to the cold, and are hoping for some more warm weather, then you're in luck. That is, according to the extended fall forecast by the Climate Prediction Center. The forecasters are predicting a warmer than average fall for the Northeast.

How certain are they? While no one can be exactly sure this far in advance, but the prediction center feels the odds of a warm fall is about 50 to 60%. The chances for a below average fall? According to this particular forecast, less than 20%.

Precipitation is another big issue, as most of the Hudson Valley has seen below average rainfall this summer overall. According to the extended forecast, precipitation for the Northeast should be around normal. After such a hot summer, many parts of the area are in still in need of rain.

Again, this is an extended forecast over the next three months, and could change. There's been quite a few years where meteorologists have said we're due for a cold and snowy winter, and then we didn't end up getting much snow at all.

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