There are some amazing mascots in the Hudson Valley that convey the pride and geography of our area. There are also some absolute train wrecks.

First, let's get one thing out of the way: I was a Rondout Valley Gander. Yup, a Gander. The Canada Geese that crap over every square inch of the Hudson Valley and chase and hiss at you for no apparent reason was, for whatever reason, deemed the most appropriate representation of out school district. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

So, which Hudson Valley school has the best mascot, and which has the worst? It's not that simple. This judging is subjective, obviously, but it's not so much a battle between good and bad as it is a sliding scale from Awesome to Ridiculous. We'll be following a very specific rating system, too. I've taken 3 factors into consideration: uniqueness of name, geographic and historical appropriateness, and the overall cool-factor. Each mascot will also receive a letter grade (these are school mascots, after all).

From migratory birds (hi, Rondout), to some of the coolest historical refences in the country, this list is a roller coaster of emotions. Keep in mind that while not every school is listed here, the majority of the largest districts in the Hudson Valley are all on the chopping block. Stick around for the last school, though, which has both the coolest name and the most badass tie to history of any school in not only our area, but in the entire country.


Hudson Valley School Mascots, Ranked

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