It is time again to head to the freezer to see if you have any of these yummy guys hiding. Trader Joe's emailed their customer on 3/16/17 to let them know that there is a chance that there is some plastic foreign matter in the 'Breakfast Burritos.'

The particular Breakfast Burrito that is affected this time, is the one that contains, Eggs, Potatoes, Cheese and Turkey Bacon. Here is the SKU and lot code from the press release:

(SKU 96132) with a lot code of A26616pFFG3

If you should have the burrito, please do not eat it as there is a potential of having small plastic pieces in it. Return the burrito to the Trader Joe's location that you bought it at for a full refund or exchange of product. If you like, you can also call the Trader Joe's Customer Relations Department at (626) 599-3817.

Do you wish that there were Trader Joe's locations in the Hudson Valley? You are not alone.