Many people called it the Halloween House. Others have referred to it as the House of Netherworld. No matter what you call it, the house was a fixture in Poughkeepsie for years. If you live in Poughkeepsie, or even travel through Poughkeepsie on the Eastbound Arterial, you probably know the house I’m talking about.

It sat at the corner of Clinton Street and the Eastbound Arterial. You couldn’t not notice it. It was green, and always seemed decorated for Halloween. Kind of scary, but in a fun and cool way. It was like a Poughkeepsie landmark. I never knew anything about the history of the house, I only knew that whoever owned it loved to decorate it and made a lot of people smile,

Tragically, the house burned down in January of 2021. It didn’t just burn down. It was set on fire, and there is video to prove that. The house sat there, in it’s post fire state for several months. It was hard to pass by and see what had become of the once beautiful oddity. The house was finally demolished a few months ago. It's sad to see the empty lot.

Now, a gofundme has been started to try to find the arsonist who committed this destructive and dangerous crime. The fundraiser aims to raise $6666 to offer as a reward for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

I have been a victim of a house fire myself. It wasn’t arson, but I’ve seen and lived with the destruction of fire. It’s horrible and stressful and nobody should have to go through it, especially at the hands of an arsonist.

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