Do you ever stop and think, what I am seeing is impossible? So if you were to see golf balls falling from the sky, this particular time, you are not 'nuts' you are actually seeing golf balls falling from the sky.

If you stop to wonder why, I promise there is a good reason.

Each of the golf balls are going to be decorated to resemble a daisy. Yes, there is meaning behind it. This is one of the ways that Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is celebrating or marking the anniversary of the original Woodstock Music Festival.

According to the Bethel Woods website, on August 17, 1969 following the festival performance of musician Joe Cocker, there was a helicopter in the area who dropped daisy's on the festival field.

So, 50 years later, how can this be re-created and at the same time, help the Museum at Bethel Woods (which is a not for profit) raise some money.

The fundraising part of it involves people purchasing the golf ball daisy's one for $10 and 12 for $100. The golf balls will fall from a helicopter on August 14, 2021 and the three golf ball daisy's that fall closest to the markers will win prizes. How great is that!

Have you ever been to the Bethel Woods Museum? Then you know that they work super hard to create exhibits that teach, inform and inspire others. To make that happen and to help them to continue on their mission, unfortunately they need to raise a fair amount of money each year to make all of this magic happen.

Can you share with us your favorite memory of your visit to Bethel Woods or of your trip to the Museum?

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