COVID-19 obviously has a lot of folks in a panic. However, one has to be safe and practical even during these tough times. Over the past several weeks, we've had to go over a few things again.

First, a number of fire departments across the country reminded people not to put their face masks in the microwave.The, the FDA had that warning about the dangers of ingesting cleaners and disinfectants..Now, another story. This time it comes from a banker in a 13 second video posted online. Don't put your money in the microwave.

The NY Post shared the video, and the story from the banker who said a customer tried to exchange a bunch of burnt 5 and 50 dollar bills. The customer said they had put the dollars in the microwave to disinfect the bills from any Coronavirus contamination.

So I work in a bank and I just had this guy come through the drive up and ask if he could exchange some money because he said he put his money in the microwave to kill the corona.

The Centers for Disease Control say that touchless payments, such as a card, or keypad, is the safest way to handle money.

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