When you find out one of your favorite seasonal restaurants is restarting their season, you are probably thrilled, especially since you have been waiting a few months for them to return. This one restaurant is making a change and complaints have probably been few.

The restaurant is Hartmann's Kafehouse in Round Top. The business made the announcement via their facebook page and website that they were going to be reopening for their 'season,' (a few days before Easter through Christmas) with one major change. The change? They are no longer serving breakfast and lunch.

The Kafehouse has made the decision to focus on what they are known best for cakes, pastries and cookies. If you have ever had their Bienenstich or (Bee Sting Cake) you will not have any complaint that they are going to be making more of their tasty pastries. What is Bienenstich? Here is a link to its description on wikipedia, with a photo.

Have you ever made the trip to Round Top only to find out that they are sold out of what you went up there for? Call in advance or get their early. Their baked items are that good!

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