The Exorcist has been called the scariest movie ever by some. It might have held that title at one time but it's painful to watch. Some parts are just cringe worthy they are so bad. People feared the thought of watching this movie alone with the lights off for decades.

I remember watching it at a sleepover when I was very little. Several of my friends were traumatized by the flick but I remember being unimpressed even back then. I have never been able to get through the movie. Not because it is too frightening but because it is just dumb. Of course the concept of possession is terrifying but the movie came out in 1973. It's dated and the special effects which may have been impressive back then are just awful and corny.

I will admit that it does have a few scary moments but for the most part I don't think this movie is scary. t's actually hilariously bad for today's standards.

Cane we admit that The Exorcist was not a great movie and it is by no means the scariest movie ever made? Have you watched it again lately? It's pretty bad and don't even get me started on the horrible sequels that followed.

I can understand how this was scary at one time. Now this scene just looks so cheesey.

The franchise has gotten a facelift.  A new film in the series has just hit the theaters before Halloween.

What are some other scary movies that didn't hold up?