Animal Crossing is a game by Nintendo.

I recently re-downloaded Animal Crossing on my phone. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to be specific. First I had Animal Crossing for my Nintendo DS, then I had it for my Wii, then it came out for my phone and I was ecstatic. But I got bored with it, as I do with every video game, and deleted it from my phone.

But just recently, my boyfriend was reading an Animal Crossing meme and didn't get it so I, of course, had to re-download the game to show him. But with re-downloading comes re-playing. And now, I am re-addicted to the game. This is problematic because I don't time to be addicted to a game on my phone right now.

But let's get real, if you play Animal Crossing, you KNOW how addicting this game is. How can I not deliver this fruit? You expect me to deny Boots of his fish? I got bills to pay, this RV loan isn't going to pay itself!

Somebody, please help me I am in too deep.

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