We all work hard and sometimes we feel like don't get the respect we deserve in the work place. Right now some local teachers are going through a particularly tough time.

Are you a Hudson Valley teacher? If so, I just want to say thank you and if you know a Hudson Valley teacher I want you to do the same.

Chris Hondros/gettyimages
Chris Hondros/gettyimages

What do local teachers find the most difficult about work?

We all have our own issues at work and we can all be stressed out but according to Education Week, teacher are more stressed out now more than ever. Latest surveys show that in the last two years educator's stress levels have increased and their mental health has been declining.

Teachers are stressed for many reason but the biggest reason for high stress levels was the extremely low budgets that the schools had to work with. The study also found that teachers face bullying and threats from both students and parents on a regular basis.

One Hudson Valley teacher had this to say:

"It is 100% true. I teach Special Ed and my kids beat me up every day and I feel like nobody appreciates the work that I do and everyone thinks that  it's just special ed it's not that hard."
Teachers do selfless acts everyday to ensure your child's safety and education. We'v all had a teacher who has influenced us in some way. Just know that the next time you see a local teacher that they may look okay but they could be struggling. Take a second and say "thanks".