According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, this is what you're supposed to do if the situation arises.

The Hudson Valley is filled with a lot of hikers and great places to go hiking. Now that it's finally summer, everyone is trying to get outside and enjoy the outdoors as much as they can. Hiking can be great, but there's something that can happen that can make it extremely unpleasant...

There's some suggestions on how to handle this situation if it happens.

What should you do if you have to go to the bathroom during a hike?

I'm just going to say quickly....this is all about going #2 while hiking lol I never thought I'd have to be writing about this...

According to the DEC, here's what you should do if nature is calling and you need to go:

  • Take atleast 70 steps away from the trail so you're away from people and bodies of water
  • Find a spot with minimal vegetation
  • Dig a hole (6 inches wide and 6 inches deep)
  • Take out your bathroom kit (toilet paper, hand sanitizer, reusable cloth and trowel)
  • Go ahead and do your business in the hole (I don't think I should say more)
  • Your toilet paper can go in the hole or you can put in a discrete bag until you can get to a garbage
  • Cover the hole
  • Return any leaf litter you moved to cover the whole

There are more specific details on what to do, but that you can check out for yourself.

SIDE NOTE: I hope to never be in this situation or have to use any of these steps while I'm hiking.

We all do need to be prepared for whatever happens, so if you do find yourself in that #2 situation atleast you're prepared now on what to do and what you're supposed to do according to the experts. We don't want to be messing up nature at all with our business...literally.

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