Governor Hochul praised New Yorkers for doing their part to help slow the surge of COVID this past winter but the government doesn't seem to want to give up emergency power just yet. What?

We've spent the last couple of years in and out of a state of emergency. I'm actually struggling to remember what it was like before we were in one. It may be hard to believe, but Governor Cuomo first declared that New York was in a disaster state back in March of 2020. We're almost at the two-year anniversary.

He lifted the first emergency order on June 21, 2021. That lasted about 5 months until another emergency was declared on November 26, 2021. This time by our New Governor, Kathy Hochul. It was set to expire on January 15 of this year.

On Valentine's Day, Governor Hochul declared another state of emergency for New York State until March 16, 2022.


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