Police say that a man is injured and more than two dozen horses have died after a a fire was intentionally set at a racetrack in Central New York.

On November 9, New York State Police (NYSP) reported the arrest of a man who they say crossed state lines to set the fire at Tioga Downs in Nichols, NY. While the community is mourning the senseless loss of more than 24 horses, one man was seriously hurt while attempting to save their lives.

A man has been charged with arson in Nichols, NY after police say he set a deadly fire that killed more than two dozen horses
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Suspect Arrested After Deadly Fire at New York Horse Track

NYSP announced the arrest of Pennsylvania resident Boyd H. Fenton, who authorities allege illegally entered the horse barn at the racing complex and intentionally set the fatal fire. The report also shared that another man was injured with second degree burns in his attempt to save the horses from the burning structure. This was not the only mass casualty event for animals in the United States this year.

Mass Casualty Events for Animals in the United States

While police say that it was arson that caused the deadly fire in New York, authorities concluded that an explosion at a dairy farm that ultimately killed nearly 20,000 cows in April 2023 was instead a tragic accident. Investigators reported an engine fire was the initial cause of the flames that eventually came into contact with "flammable liquids including liquid fuel, hydraulic oil and other materials", causing the deadliest cattle barn fire in a decade.

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Charges Filed in Nichols, NY After Horse Track Arson Arrest

The incident in New York led suspect Boyd Fenton to be charged with arson, burglary, assault, and criminal mischief, all felonies. He is currently being held in Tioga County Correctional Facility. Emergency services from both New York and Pennsylvania were involved with the response.

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