No, seriously, even animals who thrive in cold environments are too cold.

I wish it were a joke, but unfortunately it's not.

In Pittsburgh, two baby African penguins were moved indoors at the National Aviary, where the endangered animals who are native to South Africa will remain until temperatures rise.

Frostbite could set in with just 15 minutes' exposure to the frigid air, the weather service said, advising people keep pets indoors.


Snow flurries were spotted in Jacksonville on Thursday afternoon. There was no accumulation, but a hard-freeze warning is in effect for tonight.

The last time it snowed in Jacksonville was Dec. 26, 2010, according to Before that, you'd have to go all the way back to 1995. 

Of course, we here in New York are getting our share, too:

Hopefully this cold snap will pass soon. But for now? Stay inside and watch Netflix. Preferably with some penguins.