Prepping for the apocalypse is hobby for some. Sure it's not the same as collecting coins are stamps but the good news is that it can really come in handy during one's time of need.

It's not exactly in a doomsday preppers nature to worry about others. I mean after all, you've been preparing for the end for months or maybe even years just waiting for crap to hit the fan so you can circle the wagons and fend off your neighbors.

Southeast Texas Inundated After Harvey Makes Second Pass Over The Region
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Well, since the end has not officially happened yet you still need to help your neighbors while you can. According to, a man who was collecting food and supplies to prepare for the end did just that and is donating food that he's collected to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

74 year old, Joseph Badame is losing his home and is deciding not let his cache' go to waste.

If you our anyone you know is storing food in the Hudson Valley and it is close to expiring do not throw it away. Donate it to those who need it.