You have probably been hearing about Hurricane Florence that is making its way into North Carolina and has the potential to then move north up the eastern United States and while we are sure that you have concern and empathy for the people in the path of the hurricane, did you know that it might also affect your Thanksgiving dinner?

Yes, this Hurricane Florence, that is taking place now in September could have ramifications for your holiday turkey dinner. How? Many of the Butterball Turkey processing plants are located in the current path of the hurricane. The National Turkey Federation has come out this week to try to rest peoples minds that they will work hard to make sure that stores on the east coast have a larger availability of frozen turkeys to be shipped to the east coast groceries come Thanksgiving time.

How will this affect you? There could be a shortage of fresh turkeys and the prices for both the fresh and frozen versions could be a bit more expensive then the last few years.

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