How long until a car is considered abandoned in New York? It turns out that it's actually a very short amount of time.

What happens when drivers just give up on cars? Sometimes they will just take the plates off and park them in the woods somewhere. Sometimes they end up in a store parking lot.

Have you ever seen an old and beat-up car just chilling on the side of the road or in a parking lot here in the Hudson Valley? You're thinking that the owner will be right back to claim it but it's still there a day later and then the day after that. Eventually, it becomes quite clear that the owner doesn't plan on returning and that it is clearly abandoned.

Maybe someone has left a vehicle on your private property. What kind of legal action can you take in New York State? Have you seen one of these vehicles before? How do you report these eyesores and how long until you can do so?

What qualifies as an abandoned vehicle? According to the DMV, an abandoned vehicle is a truck, bike or car that has been left on private property without the owner's permission for more than 96 hours. You can report these vehicles to your local authorities. If the authorities do not take the vehicle you can report it to a dismantler or collector if it meets certain criteria. If the criteria are not met you can ask local authorities if they will authorize a towing company to remove the vehicle from your premises.

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