As calendars roll into a new year, there are a few things that people kind of want to check out. For instance, what day of the week does my birthday fall on this year? For me, it is a Monday.

What else do you look at? What day of the week is Christmas? New Years? Oh look, Thanksgiving is on a Thursday again this year? Gasp. Please, don't judge me, I used to work with a guy who actually said this. Of course, everyone in the room, paused and looked at him to see if he was serious. Yes, oh yes, he was serious.

Another "day" that I find myself looking up is Friday the 13th. Why? I have no idea. I am not nervous or superstitious about it. I simply just want to know how many am I going to have to deal with this year.

Calendar wise, there are two. January 13 and October 13, 2017. Here is where a movie buff might tell me that I am wrong and that there are 3 , Friday the 13th's in 2017. What is the third one? I am glad you asked. The third one has to do with the release of yet another Friday the 13th movie. The movie will premiere in US theaters on, yes you guessed it, Friday October 13, 2017.

So you be the judge. Will the be two or three Friday the 13th's?

What days/dates do you check out when you get the new calendar for the year?