The movie theater subscription service MoviePass made headlines last month when it announced a pretty major slash in its prices. Basically, this service allows you to go to the movie theater over and over again and instead of paying per ticket, you just pay a monthly fee. That fee used to be around fifty bucks. Now, it's just ten

Ten dollars a month for unlimited trips to the movie theater? For this movie geek, it sounded too good to be true. I could probably buy a boat with the amount of money I've shelled out for movie tickets over my lifetime, and now MoviePass comes along with this enticing offer. I had to go for it, and now I can report my findings.

So here's how it works: first, you have to sign up for MoviePass either through their site or on the app. Once you do that, a card gets sent to you in the mail. And then, once you have that card, you're good to go. You check in to the movie you want to see on the app once you reach the theater, and then you just swipe your card at the kiosk when it's time to pay for your ticket.

And boom, just like that, I got my ticket to go see IT. And then I got my ticket to go see mother! And I'll probably end up using it to go see Annabelle: Creation, which I was kind of interested in but didn't want to pay to go see in theaters - now, why not? There are a couple of limitations to MoviePass: you can only see one movie per day, you can't see the same movie more than once, and it doesn't work for 3D showings. Otherwise, pretty much anything is fair game, and this is kind of a major deal for people like me who go see a lot of movies. My ticket for IT alone would have cost thirteen dollars - that's more than the price for one month of MoviePass.

My one issue before subscribing was that I wasn't sure if any Hudson Valley theaters would accept MoviePass, and the service doesn't offer a map or list of which ones do before you get your card. As it turns out, most of them do. I live near Poughkeepsie and frequent the Regal theater at the Galleria Mall, but I can see everything within a 35 mile-radius of my zipcode, stretching all the way to theaters in Middletown.

I am already saving a ton of money and watching more movies through MoviePass, so I'd definitely recommend it if you were on the fence. Here are just a few of the theaters in the Hudson Valley that accept MoviePass:

The Regal theater in Fishkill

The South Hills Silver Cinema

The Regal Galleria in Poughkeepsie

Carmel Movieplex

Downing Film Center in Newburgh

Destinta New Windsor

Empire Southeast Towne Center in Brewster

Showtime Cinemas in Newburgh

Roosevelt Cinemas in Hyde Park

UA Cortlandt Town Center Stadium in Mohegan Lake

New Paltz Cinema

Bow Tie Cinemas in Mt Kisco

Rosendale Theatre

Monroe Theaters

Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville

AMC Loews in Middletown

Regal Hudson Valley Mall in Kingston

Moviehouse in Millerton

AMC Loews Palisades Center in West Nyack

Paramount Theatre in Middletown

Middletown Cinemas