If you needed a "kids these days" moment you can have this one. Just how much is each younger generation drinking more than the previous one?

My father is a baby boomer. My perception was that was the drinking generation. The "blue collar, go get your old man a beer" generation. As we know, each generation pushes the boundaries past the one set before them. So, who parties harder?

Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images
Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

According to research on Finder, the youngest generation seems to drink more and spend more on booze but not just a little bit more. A lot.I guess you can spend more money on beer if you live in your mom's basement for free.

The average baby boomer spends a little less than $25 a week on alcohol. Gen X spends about $35. millennials shell out close $60 a week on booze?

Does this mean that millennials drink more or do they just like more expensive alcohol?

Studies showed the baby boomers and generations drinks more steadily where as millennials are likelier to binge on more expensive alcohol.