There really is a 'day' for everything. Case in point, National Underwear Day.

You might be the person that celebrates this everyday. Then again you might not. According to a piece in the Huffington Post, 25% of people admit to going 'commando' aka without the underwears, most of the time.

Some people think that they should not sleep in their underwear. Using this time to give their body a chance to breathe.

National Underwear Day was started on August 5, 2003, by a company that sells underwear. Did they create it to sell more underwear? Probably.

Ways to celebrate National Underwear Day:

  • Wear underwear
  • Don't wear underwear (your choice)
  • Buy a few pairs of new underwear
  • Go through your underwear drawer and throw out those pairs that you 'might not want to be ever seen in.' You know, those comfy ones with the holes in them.

Also, check out your social media pages for people posting photos of themselves doing everyday normal things, but for NUD, doing it in their undies.