Don't quote me on this, it's not proven.

A lot of businesses have begun to offer curbside pickup. You literally stay in your car and the business will bring whatever you order to your car. But some businesses aren't advertising that they have curbside pickup. I have found a hack that could possibly get you curbside service anywhere.

As I said, please don't quote me on this. I have no clue if it will work everywhere. Honestly, I've tried it at one place. So don't hate me if it doesn't work! Alright, my big hack to get curbside service is this: call and ask.

I called Lowe's and asked if they would bring the planter I ordered to my car and they said yes. Easy as that! They put it right in my trunk. Super easy, super fast, and they were super nice. So maybe, try calling whatever the business you're picking up from and ask if they'll bring it to your car.

Good luck!

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